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Add colour, life and vibrance to your home with Teixits Vicens

Teixits Vicens is a family-run artisan textile factory and craft workshop involved in the manufacture of Mallorcan fabrics, which are known locally as Robes de llengües. At Teixits Vicens, every effort is given to maintain the Mediterranean spirit of craftsmanship which characterises their quirky and chic products, with particular attention to conservation, innovation and the perfection of each fabric.

Add a unique Teixit Vicens style to your home for a boost of character

Add a unique Teixit Vicens style to your home for a boost of character

Teixit Vicens offers a wide range of fabrics which have multiple applications: table linen, bedspreads, cushions, curtains, upholstery for sofas, chairs and many more. We can guarantee that you will find the perfect product for your home whether the style must fit with a classic Mediterranean house, a rural farmhouse or a modern villa, Teixit Vicens has all to offer.

With a traditional, manual manufacturing process, visiting the factory in Pollensa is a true pleasure that we would certainly recommend. For more information visit their website.

Re-designing your home? Make refurbishment easy with Mestre Paco

Mestre Paco furnishings - a key feature in your home

Mestre Paco furnishings – a key feature in your home

Here at Rodemann & Wood, we understand how stressful designing your home can be and we know that when you imagine your home finished, you see a set piece of furniture that lifts the room, and finding that key piece can be your hardest task. We want to make refurbishment a more enjoyable experience by introducing you to Mestre Paco, furniture specialists in Pollensa.

James Cortés Pallicer was born in Pollensa in 1930 and began working with his father, a master craftsman, in a small family workshop at the age of 16. In 1966, he started a business with his brother, a new shop dedicated to handmade rustic furniture in a variety of different woods: oak, chestnut, walnut and many more. Their styles of furniture ranged from Mallorquin to the Spanish-influenced 70s. His current studio, which he opened in 1985 with his children, continues to introduce innovations and craftsmanship in furniture, for which we cannot thank him enough as it is certainly the reason why local homes look so stylish and chic.

Unique handcrafted furniture - a must have for any home

Unique handcrafted furniture – a must have for any home

Located just outside the town of Pollensa, on the road to Puerto Pollensa, Mestre Paco sits on the roundabout and is certainly worth a visit. We are sure that you will find that key feature for your home, and we can’t promise that you won’t fall in love with the styles of furniture and come away with more than you anticipated. We are sure that furniture from Mestre Paco will transform your home.


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