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Beach news for Puerto Pollensa Fans!

Puerto Pollensa Beach now has FREE WIFI from the Marina round-about to Llenaire, making Pollensa the first free wifi beach in Mallorca. This means that you can connect to your friends, and that you can keep up to date with R&W blogs and our newsletter (coming soon), even while relaxing in the sun!

Enjoy relaxing on the beach while connected with WIFI in Pollensa

Enjoy relaxing on the beach while connected with WIFI in Pollensa

Also, Pollensa beaches have gained an official quality certification in 2014 for the maintenance of the beaches, meaning that our beaches are clean and tidy, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

More news on Formentor: the hotel Formentor has got the permission to start their renovation project. All rooms will be updated and modern installation facility implemented. For more information, see here.

To hear about this exciting Pollensa news, please do not hesitate to contact the Rodemann & Wood team, we are always happy to hear from you.

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Renovation project Mallorca Pollensa – identifying Property with Potential

At Rodemann & Wood, we have had years of Real Estate experience, allowing us foresight into the renovation potential of properties. A prime example of such a case is ‘La Estrella del Calvario’ (The Star of the Calvario), an idyllic villa located at the Calvario of Pollensa.

villa Pollensa after reformation by rodemann wood pollensaVilla in Pollensa before the reformation

When Angela and Wolfram, owners of ‘La Estrella de Calvario’, first contacted Rodemann & Wood, their ideal property was so different to their final purchase; they had imagined owning a remote and rustic property with a lot of land. However, at Rodemann & Wood we had recognised the enormous potential within a property in Pollensa, and regardless the fact that it didn’t fit their brief, we took Angela and Wolfram to view the villa. We hoped that they would be the first to see what we saw, despite the fact that the house had no running water and was insecure at the time, with no locks on any of the doors – it was quite simply a mess, but a mess with unrealized potential.

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